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  • Why is Boston’s WBZ TV Covering up Critical 9-11 Evidence?
    Why is Boston’s WBZ TV Covering up Critical 9-11 Evidence?

    PTech investigation proves too hot to handle, for some at WBZ

    Former I-Team reporter Joe Bergantino was set in 2002 to expose a major 9-11 bomb shell, until WBZ management got a call from the government

    by Rich Aucoin
    In early 2002, Manhattan risk architect Indira Singh was innocently helping JP Morgan Chase find a reputable software company that could help them update their security needs for a post-911 world, when she accidentally discovered that an alleged Saudi terrorist named Yassin Al-Kadi was running a tiny software company out of Quincy, MA, called PTech.

    The most shocking part of Singh's discovery was PTech's unbelievable client roster, which included:
    The FAA, the USAF, the CIA, FBI, DoJ, Dept of Energy, Customs, Enron, NATO, the Secret Service, and even the White House.

    Singh immediately phoned the Boston office of the FBI to notify them that an accused terrorist had gained backdoor access to the highest levels of the U.S. government, but month after month passed by with no apparent action being taken against PTech, until Singh was finally forced to question whether PTech was being protected.

    Growing increasingly nervous, Singh began notifying every local, state and federal authority she could think of. But not only did her screaming from the rooftops accomplish almost nothing, she even lost her job at JP Morgan after her bosses there (who evidently enjoyed a considerable Saudi client base) told her to drop the issue, or else.

    It quickly became apparent to Singh that she'd stumbled upon a key element of the 9-11 story that was aggressively being covered up by the government, for if the story of PTech's software were to get out, then many, many dots would start being connected regarding how 19 cave dwellers armed only with box cutters had somehow outfoxed the most sophisticated and impenetrable defense systems in the world.

    Feeling abandoned and terrified, Singh went to legendary WBZ I-Team reporter Joe Bergantino in May of '02, primarily to ensure that her story would at least be made public, in case something happened to her. Bergantino took her allegations seriously and commissioned a four-month investigation in Washington, DC to verify her story. Not only did Bergantino's team verify Singh's story, they told her afterward that PTech's terrorism connections ran far deeper than even she knew.

    Bergantino planned to run his bombshell story on 9/11/02, but the station reportedly was "asked" by "authorities" to hold off, for "national security reasons." (Singh claims to possess proof that WBZ was ordered by the Bush/Cheney White House to drop the investigation).

    On December 6th, 2002, PTech's Quincy office was finally raided by the FBI -- but only after the company had had months of warnings that a raid might be coming -- and the White House immediately issued a statement saying the FBI had goofed, that Al Qadi was a swell guy.

    Fast forward six years to 2008: Bergantino leaves WBZ while still waiting for FBI's final conclusions about PTech

    Bergantino left WBZ in 2008 to take a job at Boston University, where he continued to sit on his PTech evidence, pending the outcome of the FBI's own investigation. His long wait finally ended in July, 2009, when the PTech indictments finally came down.

    After all its years of investigating, the FBI had managed to charge PTech's terror suspect merely with loan fraud. That's it! Loan fraud!!! Not a word about how a tiny software startup somehow amassed such incredibly intimate, under-the-hood access to our national security systems! Not a single question about whether Ptech's magical software had played a role in the unprecedented and inexplicable failures of 9-11. Poor Joe Bergantino; after waiting nearly seven years to see the fruits of the FBI's investigation -- which had been the government's justification for "asking" him to sit on his own evidence -- and all he gets is loan fraud??!!!

    It appears that Joe Bergantino has been robbed of a once-in-a-lifetime bombshell Exclusive that could have been his Pentagon-Papers career moment. He could have been THE guy to blow the lid off the 9-11 coverup, and early on, too, before its foul-tasting "Patriot" Act could be jammed down our throats and before the Bush cabal could sell its bogus Iraq war in 2003. Bergantino's story could have ended the Afghanistan war before it killed large numbers of US soldiers needlessly. But it wasn't to be. The government's sheer determination to protect PTech, as confirmed now by these sham indictments, stole it all away from Bergantino -- and us.

    Indira's Burden

    Indira Singh was lucky, in retrospect. She'd had the luxury of unloading her terrible Ptech burden on Joe Bergantino back in 2002. His courage and willingness to investigate her explosive claims may well have saved her life, as he managed at least to expose the Ptech controversy.

    But now that her burden has been transferred to Bergantino's shoulders, where can he turn? Who will take his story seriously? Who will stand by him?

    Evidently not his former bosses at WBZ

    All the available evidence shows that WBZ knows at least as much about PTech as Bergantino knows. So it is now their turn to step up to the plate for Bergantino, the way he did for Indira Singh in her hour of need. But, so far, WBZ is staying eerily silent about PTech, leaving poor Joe hanging out to dry.

    Write or call WBZ and ask them to release ALL the details of their I-Team investigation from June to September of 2002. Ask them to stand behind the best investigative reporter in WBZ's history. Call channel 5 and channel 7. Tell them that their CBS rival is covering up a major element of 9-11. Give them the PTech scoop.

    Indira Singh's PTech discovery has been dubbed: "the one golden thread you pull on and the whole 9-11 story unravels." That is precisely why Bergantino's old-school journalism had to be muzzled by his corporate bosses at WBZ.

    WBZ management must do the right thing by Joe Bergantino, and by America. They must tell ALL they know about PTech. Now.

    Watch Indira Singh's PTech testimony at 2004's 9/11 Citizens' Commission here. For a more in-depth look at Singh's amazing story, download the MP3 audio interview here.

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