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9-11 Inside Job and Neocons Hacked 2004


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        Government Officials- 9-11 Was Inside Job

More and more United States government officials and government officials

from other countries are speaking out saying that the official government

story about 9/11 is bogus. The following are some of these articles.


Many Think 9/11 an Inside Job Top Politicians, Economists, Other
Many Think 9/11 an Inside Job Top Politicians, Economists,
Other Leaders State 9/11 an Inside Job
Morgan Reynolds, Former Chief Economist under President Bush Paul
Craig Roberts, Assistant Secretary of Treasury under Pres. Reagan U.S.
Senator Mark Dayton
U.S. Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney
Robert M. Bowman, Head of Advanced
Space Programs, Dept. of Defense
Michael Meacher, UK Minister of Environment (1997 - 2003) Professor
David Ray Griffin, Renowned Theologian
Catherine Austin Fitts, Assistant Secretary of Housing For President


Demand Able Danger whistleblowers be allowed

to testify before Congress

Today an even split of 245 Republican and Democratic Senators/Representatives

have signed US Rep. Curt Weldon's [R- PA] letter demanding that Able Danger 

whistleblowers be allowed to testify before Congress [see letter and signers herein below].

Able Danger, was the military intelligence unit that identified terrorists and tracked

Mohammad Atta & Co. in 2000, but was quickly gagged that year. Why? US

military officers in the Able Danger unit were told to forget they'd ever heard of

Atta; and when whistleblower Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer went public this year, he

was harassed and had his clearance revoked.



Video highlights of "Highjacking Catastrophe 911" -

 Former Whitehouse & Pentagon Insiders.



The Silencing of Sibel Edmonds
Posted May 8, 2005
 By James Ridgeway
 The Village Voice 
Court won't let public hear what FBI whistleblower has to say.


 - The unsettling story of whistleblower Sibel Edmonds

 took another twist on Thursday, as the government continued its 
seemingly endless machinations to shut her up. The US Court of Appeals 
here denied pleas to open the former FBI translator's First Amendment case to 
the public, a day after taking the extraordinary step of ordering a secret hearing. 



Former Bush Admin Member Appears On Alex Jones Show; 

Says Government Complicit In 9/11

Prison Planet | June 16 2005

Former Chief Economist for the Department of Labor during President George W. Bush's first term 

Morgan Reynolds has made waves in the past few days after writing a detailed article stating that 

the official explanation for the collapse of the twin towers and Building 7 was bogus.


Able Danger: Former FBI Director Louis Freeh's

Stinging Indictment of the 9/11 Commission

"The Able Danger intelligence, if confirmed, is undoubtedly the most

relevant fact of the entire post-9/11 inquiry. Yet the 9/11 Commission

inexplicably concluded that it "was not historically significant."

This astounding conclusion--in combination with the failure to investigate

Able Danger and incorporate it into its findings--raises serious challenges to

the commission's credibility and, if the facts prove out, might just render

the commission historically insignificant itself."
  -- Former FBI Director Louis Freeh in the Wall Street Journal, 11/17/05