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9-11 Inside Job and Neocons Hacked 2004


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     C.I.A.'s and F.B.I's Involvement in 9/11

Certain segments of both the CIA and the FBI were involved in the planning

and the orchestration of 9/11.  The following articles clearly support their involvement.


Loose Change-2nd Edition

(Title is Link to Streaming Video)


Newly Released 9-11 Video Exposes U.S. Government’s

Well Planned “False Flag” Attack


Close Informant & Friend Of Former FBI Agent 

John O'Neill, Killed on 9/11,Tells How FBI Higher-Ups 

'Shut Him  Down' Letting 9/11 Happen
By Greg  Szymanski
A Seattle woman who was a close informant of former  FBI agent and Al Qaeda
hunter John O'Neill during the crucial months  prior to the 9/11, said they
both provided vital information in an  attempt to stop the attack but were
blocked by officials in the New York  and Washington bureaus every step of the way. 
The informant's earth shattering revelations and hard  evidence, including
names, dates, locations, motives and sordid dealings  of known terrorists, may
once and for end all speculation that the FBI  overtly tried to thwart
O'Neill's investigation, as well as even show  authorities worked closely, assisting
known terrorists in bringing about  9/11 as well as other previous terrorist



FBI & 9/11

By Sibel Edmonds

Over four years ago, more than four months prior to the September 11 

terrorist attacks, in April 2001, a long-term FBI informant/asset who 

had been providing the bureau with information since 1990, provided two 

FBI agents and a translator with specific information regarding a terrorist 

attack being planned by Osama Bin Laden. This asset/informant was previously 

a high- level intelligence officer in Iran in charge of intelligence from Afghanistan .



September 11 cover-up crumbles: Who was covering for 

Moussaoui, and why?

By Patrick Martin
Posted April 28, 2005

The revelations over the past two weeks about advance warnings of the September 11 

terrorist attacks have focused particularly on the role of Zaccarias Moussaoui, the Islamic 

fundamentalist arrested last August in Minneapolis . Moussaoui is the only person facing 

criminal charges for allegedly playing a role in the attacks that destroyed the World Trade  

Center and killed more than 3,000 people.



Venice Terrorist Flight School Linked To CIA
Firm has 'green light' from local DEA

by Daniel Hopsicker
(originally published at The Mad Cow Morning News

Posted April 24, 2005

New evidence linking the owner of the Venice Florida flight school which trained 

Mohamed Atta to the Central Intelligence Agency surfaced earlier this month.

The new evidence adds to existing indications that Mohamed Atta and his terrorist 

cadre's flight training in this country was part of a so-far unacknowledged U.S.  

government intelligence operation which had ultimately tragic consequences for 

thousands of civilians on September 11th.

Far from merely being negligent or asleep at the switch—the thrust so far of 

allegations expected to be aired at joint Senate and House Select Committee 

hearings next month—the accumulating evidence suggests the CIA was not 

just aware of the thousands of Arab student pilots who began pouring into this 

country several years ago to attend flight training, but was running the operation, 

for still-unexplained reasons. 


Video highlights of "Highjacking Catastrophe 911" - Former Whitehouse & Pentagon Insiders.


Video-Mike Ruppert Interview Talking About The Bush

 Administration's Complicity In 911 Attacks And Failures


Video-Sibel Edmonds And Daniel Ellsberg talking On John

 Ashcroft's Silencing Of  Congress And The 911 Commission


Video:Webster Tarpley Outlines Impossible Points Relating

To 911 And Exposes The Real Players And Motives.


Detailed CIA report is ordered to be kept secret for fear that

‘prying eyes’ may uncover truth    

   By Greg Szymanski

An internal CIA report, naming individuals who may have been responsible for

 intelligence failures leading up to the Sept. 11 attacks, has been kept secret despite 

public outcries and congressional demands to release the incriminating evidence.



Mohamed Atta and the CIA  

Far from merely being negligent or asleep at the switch, the available 

evidence indicates the CIA was not just aware that hundreds of 

Arab ‘flight students’ began pouring into Southwest Florida in 

1999, but was running the operation. 



CIA Warned of Attack 6 Years Before 9/11  

Six years before the Sept. 11 attacks, the CIA warned in a classified 

report that Islamic extremists likely would strike on U.S. soil at 

landmarks in Washington or New York, or through the airline industry, 

according to intelligence officials.



See No Evil: What Bush Didn't (Want To) Know About 9/11  

by Greg Palast  

According to insiders, FBI agents had wanted to check into two members 

of the bin Laden family, Abdullah and Omar, but were told to stay away 

by superiors -- until September 13, 2001. By then, Abdullah and Omar 

were long gone from the United States.



CIA Chiefs Quash Revealing Report Pointing 

Fingers For September 11

  An internal CIA report, naming individuals who may have been responsible 

for intelligence failures leading up to the Sept. 11 attacks, has been kept secret 

despite public outcries and congressional demands to release the incriminating