The Truth will prevail, but only if we demand it from Congress!

9-11 Inside Job and Neocons Hacked 2004


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OILEMPIRE.US is an encyclopedia of pointers to information -- from US corporate media, international press and domestic dissent on the internet -- that collectively reveal an extremely disturbing paradigm for understanding 9/11, "the event that changed the world." September 11 was engineered to create the psychological trigger to seize the Earth's diminishing oil supplies (the real reason behind the Iraq war) and to impose a "neo-feudalist" Homeland Security police state to suppress dissent.

It is important for peace advocates to see through sophisticated attempts to muzzle efforts for social justice and prosecution of war criminals, and refuse to be diverted by ineffective outlets for our frustrations. The Democratic Party and most of the liberal "alternative" media seek extremely narrow protest to ensure "Regime Rotation" in 2004 -- replace Bush but keep the War of Terror and Homeland Security.

OILEMPIRE.US is an effort toward honest elections in the United States, for practical solutions to the crises of declining petroleum and other critical natural resources that keep our civilization functioning, to support independent media voices that expose the deep politics of entrenched corruption in the military-industrial complex, and ultimately, to inoculate against the probability of additional "terror" attacks staged by state based or allied intelligence services by exposing the complicity of the Bush regime in the events of September 11. When US citizens see through the deception of 9/11, the threat of additional "false flag" atrocities (committed by governments to blame on their enemies) will diminish rapidly.

OILEMPIRE.US is not a news service, it is an effort to provide perspective and a different paradigm for understanding current events. Many excellent resources for staying current are linked from

Secrets Hidden In Plain Sight

The information on oilempire is taken from what the "intelligence community" calls "open source intelligence" -- news articles and other publicly available information. No secret information was used. No meetings with whistleblowers in dark alleys (or anywhere else). No envelopes of classified information have been sent anonymously -- and would be ignored even if they were (since there's no way that we can verify if the information is real or bogus). As this website has become more popular, increasing amounts of email are sent supposedly showing various theories that are not supported by evidence, and even a few emails have been sent that are likely intended to discredit.

One of the very best 9/11 sites is the "Complete 9/11 Timeline," published by the Center for Cooperative Research - This timeline is an enormous database of mass media articles that conclusively show that 9/11 was not a surprise attack. This timeline does not use any alternative media sources, not because the mass media is the best source for controversial information, but because many people have a predisposition to trust large media conglomerates more than smaller, independent media sources.

Oilempire is not limited solely to the mainstream media, but the material on this site is sourced entirely to material that is verifiable. All of the speculations on this site are identified as guesses, and are not based on inside knowledge.