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Nationalized Oil is the Terror Threat

By acaryatid,

Wed Nov 2nd, 2005 at 07:23:02 AM EDT :: War on Terror

It's all a matter of terminology.  If you substitute the term Nationalized Oil for terror, it's easy to predict the path of US military action.  Korea had nationalized oil before we waged war; so did Vietnam and so many more countries who became "Democratic" with the addition of US oil and gas operations.

Before Iran and Iraq became "terror states", they nationalized their oil operations.  In 1974 the US oil companies were part of the IOPC and far more powerful than OPEC.  The much touted gas shortages were a backfired attempt by the British-American interests to squeeze the competition.  It was the Nixon oil policy not OPEC that was to blame for the gas lines.  

Back in the days of Nixon, US oil was enjoying the loot from their WWII Red Line Agreement.  The agreement circled the richest fields in the Mideast with a red pencil and declared them property of US oil interests.  When the Shah of Iran was booted out his US oil buddies took a hit to the bottom line.  That's the kind of attack the US never forgets to repay.