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9-11 Inside Job and Neocons Hacked 2004


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                                IRAQ ARTICLE 5

Thirty Eyes for an Eye


George W. Bush’s favorite testament, The Old Testament, prescribes a “Life for life…an “Eye for an eye.”  The entire formula, including hands and feet, can be found in Exodus, 21:23.  ‘Fair enough,’ murmur Bush’s believers from their pews.   


But when is enough enough for a self-professed, Evangelical, born-again, hard-nosed, right-wing, post-911 American Christian president?  How about thirty for one?  Will that do?  More?  We haven’t even factored in Afghanistan .    

A reliable study released just before the current carnage in Falluga estimates that “around” 100,000 civilians have been killed in Iraq during President Bush’s jihad against Islamic terrorists who were never there.  Violence, the study says, is now the principal cause of death among Iraqis.  


The study’s findings -- published in the distinguished British weekly medical journal, The Lancet -- point out that over half the 100,000 dead are women and children.  Most died in air-strikes, blown to kingdom-come by armaments made and ‘delivered’ by America .  (The study’s research teams -- from John Hopkins University , Columbia University and the University of Baghdad – apparently could find no evidence of an insurgent air force.) 

Approximately 3,000 innocents died in this country at the hands of mostly Saudi-Arabians on September 11. That means that George W. Bush has already exacted his God’s vengeance on over thirty Iraqi civilians for every one American killed on 911.  No one’s Bible, including this zealous Texan’s, reads, “Seventy eyes for an eye.”



To paraphrase Pogo, "I has seen the terrorists and they is the President.”  Enough is enough, I say, but I’ll be damned if I know how to end the bloodshed.  After this November 2, that will take nothing short of an act of God.
David Rozelle lives in Spring Green, Wisconsin