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9-11 Inside Job and Neocons Hacked 2004


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By Dr. Stefan G. E. Grossmann

June 28, 2004


The four riders of the 9-11 Apocalypse:



Daddy              George              Jeb                  Marvin

/                        |                      |                         \

NWO,                military            stopping               WTC

.  CIA,              standdown,     Al Gore votes,        security

Clinton,           government          seizing                  on  ..

.        his sons             cover-up         9-11 papers           9-11-1         .


There is a functionality (a division of labor) in the above. Details, additional division of labor, helpers, stooges see below:





NAMES: Jeb Bush, Katherine Harris, Marvin Rosen, the Walt Disney Corporation


THEORY: Popular Florida State Governor Lawton Chiles wanted to retire. But he said, if that gangster (meaning Jeb Bush) stays around he will stay in office and beat Bush in the gubernatorial election. Then Florida Governor Chiles died in office. Tom Heneghan of the Al Gore intelligence network has it that there is suspicion that Florida Governor Chiles was snuffed by the Bushies so they could instal their candidate Jeb Bush as Florida Governor. In the gubernatorial election that followed, Jeb Bush was elected under questionable circumstances.


In November and December 2000, Jeb Bush and his Secretary of State Katherine Harris manipulated the votes against Albert Gore, Jr. and for George W. Bush. Bill Clinton’s 1995/96 campaign finance chief Marvin Rosen of the Greenberg Traurig law firm in Miami helped to bribe key Democrats to hold still and not support Gore in this election battle. George W. Bush hired Rosen’s law firm to represent him against the Democrats in the litigation Gore v. Bush, and this is when the corruption of the 2000 presidential election was finalized.


Several days before 9-11, Jeb Bush signed an Order placing Florida under martial law. On the evening before 9-11, Jeb met his brother George W. in southern Florida to discuss final details. In the early morning hours on the day after 9-11, Jeb Bush flew in a military transport plane to Venice, Florida and seized all the papers of Huffman Aviation, a CIA-front aviation school where Mohammed Atta had been trained. When Jeb Bush’s plane took off again, he had this key evidence on board with him and it has since disappeared.


The Walt Disney Corp. allegedly has strong and multiple attorney-client ties with Marvin Rosen, ties with the CIA and reportedly helped with money and contacts in the Florida INC scandal where dozens of Arab types including 9-11 terror suspects received visas that they by law would not be entitled to.


REFERENCES: Reference is made to the following investigative web sites: (web site of Daniel Hopsicker, Florida 9-11 specialist) (treason reports by Tom Heneghan) (Sherman H. Skolnick, all articles) (scroll down the left-hand side to find the Skolnick column) (web site of this author) (web site of Rodney Stich)





NAMES: Marvin Bush, Barbara Bush, James Pierce, Securacom, Al Sabah family of Kuwait


THEORY: Marvin P. Bush, with other co-conspirators, knew and permitted the planting of bombs in the World Trade Center on or around September 8 and 9, 2001 for the purpose of destroying and pulverizing the World Trade Center twin towers on September 11, 2001 and killing several thousand innocent people.


On Thursday before 9-11, building security removed the bomb-sniffing dogs that had been safeguarding the World Trade Center against bombs. Daria Coard, 37, a guard at Tower One, said the security detail had been working 12-hour shifts for the past two weeks because of numerous phone threats. But on Thursday, bomb-sniffing dogs were abruptly removed.


On Saturday and Sunday before 9-11, the power was shut down in the twin towers and unidentified technicians „rewired“ the buildings from the 50th floor upwards; it is obvious that this could have been an opportunity to plant demolition charges to later take the buildings down.


The private security company who was responsible for the security of the World Trade Center on 9-11-1 was Securacom, a Bush family company. On the Board of Directors of Securacom was Marvin P. Bush, one of President George W. Bush’s brothers. This Bush family company was a joint venture with the ruling Al Sabah family of Kuwait.


Barbara Bush has admitted that her son Marvin was in Manhattan at the World Trade Center when the buildings were taken down as if to supervise. A nephew of Barbara Bush, James Pierce, apparently was tipped off and vacated his office in the World Trade Center shortly before the very location of his office was hit and blown up in a huge explosion during one of the attacks.


On Terror Tuesday, 9-11-1, bombs exploded in the World Trade Center and demolished the twin towers, killing over two thousand Americans. This was originally explained by Albert Turi, the New York Fire Department Security Chief, and numerous bomb experts, confirmed by dozens of eyewitnesses of the explosions, the seismic measurements of the explosions, the original version of the mainstream TV videos (meticulously documented by Henrik Melvang, Denmark), the huge explosion blasts that rocked at least one helicopter and blew-up otherwise inexplicably huge dust clouds, etc. The bombs were apparently placed in the World Trade Center under the responsibility of a security company entitled ”Securacom” that was controlled by the Bush family.


REFERENCES:,0,7280472,print.story (Henrik Melvang, latest news)

Background material and further references are in my downloadable e-book ”T MINUS 9-11, An Insiders’ Attack On America” for sale at





NAMES: Leon Fuerth, Maurice Hank Greenberg, Henry Kissinger, Janet Reno, William Jefferson Clinton


THEORY: AIG/Greenberg is the oldest and largest paying client of Henry Kissinger. The two are an apparent Rockefeller family connection with closest ties to the Bush-Clinton crime syndicate and the terror of 9-11. The Philippine money laundering connection to the Paul Martin shipping company in Canada for 9-11 is also apparently under the roof of the AIG/ex-BCCI money laundering empire since Maurice ”Hank” Greenberg, the boss of AIG, is the personal owner of the Philippine financial system through his insurance business machine.


Since the middle of the 1980s, the Bush-CIA shadow government has been misusing the top secret U.S. military technology for treasonous purposes. This includes, in particular, suppressing this technology for the civilian public because this technology already today has made the murderously corrupt oil & gas industry technologically obsolete. – Cui bono (who benefits)??


The top military hightech secrets were sold to China; and weapons systems were supplied through China to Daddy Bush’s business partner Saddam Hussein. Bill Clinton was a Bush drug stooge from Mena, Arkansas days and married Bush’s lawyer Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton. (Like her husband, she is posing under a false name.) In 1992, Bush and his cronies had Clinton appointed in the Bilderberger meeting as the new U.S. president. Clinton was sworn in to the inner circle of the Bush Crime Syndicate as a new partner.


Daddy Bush had announced the ”New World Order” (NWO). His new junior partner Bill Clinton was to be the Messiah of crime. Thus, the Clinton years became years of domestic terrorism: the FBI orchestrated, and a CIA dope front paid, Arab fundamentalists to bomb the World Trade Center in February 1993 as a fitting inauguration gift to the Clintons. There followed the Waco massacre, the mini-nuking of the Alfred-P.-Murrah federal courthouse in Oklahoma city (covered up by fraudulent government investigating and reporting), the missile shoot-down of flight TWA800 (again covered up), the shooting-down of several other planes, the faking of a Libyan participation in the Lockerbie trial for PanAm103 (the Iranian perpetrators went scott free); Clinton refused when Sudan wanted to extradite Osama bin Laden; the FBI was hogtied, blindfolded and gagged to stand-by helplessly during the huge campaign financing crimes and murderous money laundering in total apathy. At the end of his term, Clinton and his locusts had embezzled over $1 trillion from the Pentagon alone and consolidated the global Bush-CIA dope monopoly. Clinton’s parting shot, apart from demolishing the interiors of the White House and stealing assets, was to pardon money launderer and co-thief Marc Rich. The incumbent, George W. Bush, was quick to announce that he would stop all criminal prosecution against his predecessor Bill Clinton.


Once the smoke clears it may well be that the most devastating legacy of the Clinton years is the destruction of the Democratic party, the sell-out of the Panama Canal and secret nuclear technology to China, and the planning of 9-11 by the same clique of gangsters since the middle 1990s. 9-11 was a crime of high organization, high intelligence and high technology such as requires the resources of a large and powerful state to implement. This is a key element of the NWO, namely global enslavement through misusing the powers and hightech of existing nation states, thus the perversion of nation-states into slave bins in the interest of a global aristocracy.


The ultra-secret hightech that I just mentioned is post-nuclear but goes back to Nazi German science of the second world war. It includes genetics, stealth and radar, and as a result of the cold war scalar energy technology. It is thousands of times more powerful, and also much more subtle and deceptive, than nuclear technology. It is a type of cold fusion with exotic, seemingly almost magical results such as remote explosions and so-called ”tulpoids” or holographic virtual objects. This scalar technology has been described at length by a retired Pentagon analyst, Col. Thomas E. Bearden at his web site.


I have described in my book and articles how President Clinton used an advisor of Al Gore, Leon S. Fuerth, a highly intelligent and technocratic individual, for his policy of controlling the intelligence agencies and for subverting the U.S. hightech. Clinton signed an Order saying that intelligence must be gathered selectively according to further instructions and limitations. Clinton signed several Memos implementing key technology committees where Leon Fuerth came in a position, through his seat on the Principals Committee, to learn all the secrets of the hightech and to control the security of the classified U.S. research labs. Under Fuerth’s careful supervision, a so-called Chinese spy obtained top U.S. nuclear military secrets. Leon Fuerth and Sandy Berger covered this up for over a year until the press got wind of it and the nuclear espionage scandal became the top treason news of the 1990s.


The financial contacts with China, Iraq, Libya etc. for the payoff were handled by the alleged successor organization of BCCI, AIG insurance group under Maurice ”Hank” Greenberg. Greenberg is a Jewish right-winger and strong supporter of the ADL. His business success is built on very close contacts to the intelligence community, building China’s insurance industry and, allegedly, large-scale global money laundering. Subsidiaries of his empire on the British channel islands, in Greenwich, Connecticut, on the Carribean islands and the Philippines juggled this money. A key AIG operative of this was Andrew Gitlin of Stamford, Connecticut. Unbeknownst to me, he infiltrated my internet company for when I and my former partner Armenis wanted to publish details of the Libya, Iraq, China and Philippines money connections of Leon Fuerth, Clinton and AIG. Gitlin was apparently close to the Silverstein family because he brought with him as another small shareholder and friend – a son of Larry Silverstein. A joint friend of theirs was John Stevens of Connecticut, a friend of Armenis and the son or grandson of a former head of the RNP. This connection was in Stamford/Greenwich, Connecticut, the same area where Daddy Bush grew up. I call this the domestic Connecticut terror cell behind 9-11 and with ties to the Enron scandal.


Technically, the most complicated part of Operation 9-11 was the look-like ”plane” that hit WTC2 (south tower) on 9-11-1 at 9:03 a.m. Based on a general assessment, German and French intelligence sources estimate that the preparation time for 9-11 was several years. The U.S. government, from its perspective, places the start of the terror operation around 1995. The Uday Hussein letter to Vladimir Putin from June 9th, 2000 already is based on a far advanced planning; the very attack day was already known.


The logical suspicion for the 9-11 mastermind is the same who enabled the Chinese nuclear espionage, Leon S. Fuerth. Only he would have had the intelligence, contacts and perfidious criminality  - such as doing it behind the back of his boss Al Gore -  to pull such an operation together. There is no other feasible choice in the entire Clinton personnel.


The whatever struck south tower was not a hijacked Boeing 767-222. Only exotic weapons systems can glide through steel columns without colliding with them. This strange ghost-like behavior is known only from hologram missiles where the outer covering is a deceptive layer of light to hide a cruise missile riding inside.


Fuerth had the U.S. military develop such weapons since 1997 in ”Project Ghost Gun”, based on older exotic scalar and holographic hightech. There is no other known weapons system, however exotic, that could behave like the plane at south tower did on 9-11-1. Therefore I conclude that Leon Fuerth was behind masterminding the 9-11 terror attacks, a treacherous yet ingenious stooge professor for the Bush-Clinton crime syndicate.


Questionnaire/081%20Questionnaire.htm;o=time;s=AIG (Tom Bearden web site)

Background material and further references are in my downloadable e-book ”T MINUS 9-11, An Insiders’ Attack On America” for sale at





NAMES: Leon Fuerth, Andrew Gitlin, Larry Silverstein, Maurice Hank Greenberg, Henry Kissinger, Rahm Emanuel, Ariel Sharon


THEORY: People like Fuerth, Emanuel (U.S. Mossad chief in the Clinton era and White House Rasputin), Kissinger, Gitlin, Greenberg, Silverstein, Sharon are reputedly leaders of a homosexual satanic underground (at least its relatively small Jewish division, overshadowed by its much larger non-Jewish division). They are false Jews. From their midst allegedly came the impulse to assassinate the Israeli Prime Minister and peace dove Yitzhak Rabin, the impule to provoke the still ongoing Second Intifada in Palestine in fall 2000, and the re-emergence of the known serial murderer and terrorist Ariel Sharon. Sharon was elected Prime Minister of Israel on February 6, 2001 in a special election. This grouping sent several prominent members into the informal committee(s) that perpetrated 9-11 on America. There are multiple links to the second-generation Meyer Lansky crime syndicate. A note of clarification: I am NOT saying ”it was the Jews”, and do not quote me thus.



Background material is in my downloadable e-book ”T MINUS 9-11, An Insiders’ Attack On America” for sale at

Further see





NAMES: Marc Rich, William Jefferson Clinton, Frank Wisner, George W. Bush, Arthur Andersen, CIA black accounts, Carlyle Group


THEORY: Decades-long theft of tax monies in the trillions of U.S. dollars has left U.S. public finances dangerously hollowed out and ready to collapse in the next storm. The Enron scandal was ready to break out in summer 2001 with potentially devastating consequences for the entire nation and possibly the world financial system. The scandal personnel largely overlaps with the key 9-11 group, such as AIG Director Frank Wisner, son of a CIA founder, ambassador and Clinton drug coordinator in India and an Enron Director. This was merely another Bush-Clinton syndicate operation with close ties to 9-11.







Today, Al Gore, the true U.S. President, comes clear of any culpability for 9-11. All the evidence that has surfaced since 9-11-1 points away from Gore and to the Bush family and its Clinton branch of renegade and corrupt Democrats. These are forces clearly separate from Al Gore since they are, essentially, the same forces that prevented Gore’s inauguration as the duly elected President of the U.S.A.


The members of the networked subgroups of the Bush and Clinton families are suspect of the capital crime of treason. There are top-level John Doe co-conspirators estimated at 600 to 700, further several thousand lower-level case-to-case co-conspirators spread over the industrialized world with a main focus on North America. An especially prominent role is played by the current Israeli government under the murderous butcher of Sabra and Shatilla, Ariel Sharon.


The cause of the terror attacks on September 11, 2001 is a cancerous conspiracy inside the Republican and Democratic parties, the U.S. government, military and intelligence linked with a mirror conspiracy inside the Israeli government, military and intelligence. Key elements  - by no means all elements -  of this conspiracy were outlined above as the ”Florida Connection”, the ”Building Security Connection”, the ”China and Technology Connection”, the ”False Jew Connection” and the ”Enron Connection”. The materials even outlining this conspiracy are so large that they will fill a large book. The closest approximation available is my book ”T MINUS 9-11” referenced above (


The bin Laden family, while having close business ties to the Bush family and Carlyle Group, is no principal of the terror of 9-11. Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda were CIA patsies at best.